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News & Articles

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You can make more money playing poker online by following three basic strategies.

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Winning at Poker Games

Winning at Poker Games

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Flash Online Poker

Benefits of Flash Online Poker

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Texas Holdem Poker

Reading Your Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments Opponents: There are many people who prefer playing Texas Holdem in the company of players of flesh and blood, rather than of virtual ones. Texas holdem poker tournaments are not a rare thing: you may play it either at a land-based casino or at someone’s home. Many claim being able to read opponents’ behaviour is the main reason why they prefer these kinds of tournaments to online Texas Holdem.

Truth be told, this skill is a useful one; you will find it applicable in more situations than you would have thought possible. In case of Texas holde’m, it is crucial, but… There is always one ‘but’, as many have noticed, and this one is of extreme importance, as you don’t want to be misled: don’t base your Texas holde’m strategy solely on your opponents’ behaviour. Why? Well, many people are quite good at bluffing, to begin with.

This isn’t to say that you should completely exclude the possibility that you have judged your opponents well, but be careful when drawing conclusions. Texas holdem poker tournaments often take time, depending on the number of players, and you will meet many different personality types in the process. Here are some tips on how to better read your opponents.

Chip Placing Moment

Chip placing is an opportune moment to predict opponents’ hand. If they have a good one, they are likely to place the bet as soon as possible. Naturally, they will want to capitalize on their fortune. Experienced Texas holde’m players, however, use this very moment to capitalize on their bluffing skills. Be extremely careful not to fall into their trap. In time, you will learn to tell the difference.

Betting Phase

The same method may be applied to several other situations, such as is the raising/folding phase. Players with good hands are more likely to raise the bet, but be very, very careful when ascertaining this part of Texas Holdem poker tournaments. This is the very moment that bluffing counts most!

Moreover, different players apply different betting patterns. You should take note of several aspects, most notably the way they’re placing bets and the sum they’re betting on. Are your Texas Holdem poker tournament’s opponents placing large bets? Are they fast in drawing conclusions, or do they procrastinate? Are their hands shaking? Are they sweating? Do they look insecure? Pay attention to each and every little detail, and make your best attempt at a guess. Don’t get discouraged if you get it wrong. Your deduction skills are bound to improve over time.


If you ever had the chance of training or, at least, observing a martial arts match, you should know that the way your opponent looks at you is the most important factor in determining the winner. The same goes for Texas holdem poker tournaments. Here bluffing counts most. Sometimes you will notice players averting their gaze. Don’t be fooled! In most cases, it is just a trick to make you believe they have a weak hand. In case of inexperienced players, this might be a valid clue. Similarly, an opponent staring at you is, in most cases, bluffing. Note the phrase ‘in most cases’ though. Some people might just be highly self esteemed. Observe – and learn.

Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments

That being said, you are as good to attempt a valid Texas holdem poker tournaments’ player personality assessment as you will ever be. Remember to be persistent and avoid generalizations. We at Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments can proudly boost of high percentage rate when it comes to judging our opponents, and we certainly hope our little tips will help you trigger yours, too.